Assalaatu wasalaamu alaika ya rasulallah


Education - Adult Classes

We have various classes for adults ranging from classes covering Islamic Beliefs to lessons from the Quran, please find below a summary of our classes for adults;

Every Monday          7.30pm                    Aqeeda (Islamic Beliefs)   

This focuses on the tenants of faith that are a pre requisite and imperative for a believer to possess and are therefore covered at length whilst utilising various sacred texts i.e. Aqeeda Tahawia.


Every Wednesday (1.15pm ) 

& Sunday  (?)                     Darse Quran & Hadith (Lessons from the Quran and Prophetic traditions)   

Various topics selected from Quran and/or Hadith (Prophetic traditions) and explained accordingly.


Every Wednesday 7.30pm          Arabic course NEW!   Register Now

A 12 week basic Arabic course which includes pronunciation, writing and basic phrases; this is an ideal course for someone who wants to get 'up to speed' with basic Arabic and an ideal stepping stone for moving towards intermediate and advanced levels at a later stage, each session will last approximately 45 minutes.

For further information on our classes and registration please contact us on

Find below attachment for Arabic course registration, fill and return as soon as possible as we are presently enrolling students.
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