Assalaatu wasalaamu alaika ya rasulallah


Azan Transmitter

To extend the benefits of the Mosque to those unable to attend, Jamia Masjid Gulshan-E-Baghdad has been transmitting through UHF (Ulta High Frequency) radio for over 10 years.

This facility enables the Mosque to transmit speeches, important community announcements and the five daily Adhans (calls to Prayer) directly to homes equipped with a receiver

To listen, please tune your existing radio receivers to 454.406250 or contact the Mosque Office for further help.
If you would like to purchase a new transmitter or would like any further information please contact Mahboob Din (Committee Member).
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  24 Nov 2017  15:00

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  Fajar 06:13 07:00
  Zuhar 11:57 13:00
  Asar 14:35 15:00
  Maghrib 16:06 16:11
  Isha 17:32 19:15
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