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12 Week Arabic Course - Starting Tuesday 21st January 2014

***Arabic Course***

Alhamdulillah, after the success of several previous courses such as Fiqh, Seerah, Arabic etc. We are pleased to announce that the 'Sacred Learning Programme' is scheduled to start Tuesday 21st January with a 12 week Arabic course for beginners, whilst (subject to demand) we will also deliver intermediate & advanced level courses covering core Arabic grammar including Sarf, Nahv and Lughat in the future Insha’Allah.

The course fee is £30 for 12 weeks & will be reduced to £25 for students who send an email expressing their interest in the course by forwarding their contact details to before Friday 17th January.

The course will be delivered in the Gulshan-e-Baghdad Educational centre on Westbourne Road, Insha’Allah.

The Annual Grand Mawlid ul-Nabi event takes place Saturday 11th January 2014

Assalamu alaikum,
We're pleased to inform you that the 2nd semester (Spring term) of the 'Sacred learning programme' is starting 15th Jan 2013 (see attached poster)

The subjects that will be covered for this semester are as follows;

- Seerah (Life of the noble Prophet P.B.U.H) Every Tuesday for 12 weeks 7.30pm starting 15th Jan
- 40 Hadith & 99 names of Allah the All-high Every Thursday for 12 weeks 7.30pm starting 17th Jan

All subjects will be taught from authentic sacred text such asAl-Shamail Al-MuhammadiyabyImam Al-Muhaqiq Muhammad bin Isa Al-Tirmizi (R.A),Al-ShifaofQaDHI Abu Fadl IyyazR.A)& various other collections of selected Ahadith insha'Allah.

To register send an email your name, age & course selection i.e. Seerah, '40 hadith & 99 names of Allah' or both.

Course fee is £30 per course (subject), however if both courses are booked at the same time then there is a reduced fee of £50 (saving of £10). All fees are Non-refundable.

Gulshan-e-Baghdad Mosque is pleased to present the 'Sacred learning programme' which will be taught by Imam Hafiz Abdul Quadeer.
The course intends to provide a series of short 12 week courses to the public and avail them access to Sacred knowledge across a variety of different core subjects.
The Autumn term course is focussing on Aqeeda (Islamic Beliefs) & Fiqh (Jurisprudence) over a period of 12 weeks starting withAqeeda on Tues 2nd October & Fiqh on Thursday 4th October Insha'Allah
Course fee is £30 for one course and if you opt for both courses the fee is £50 (saving of £10)

Registration - you must register via email providing your details i.e name, age, course selection etc

Register before 28th Sept to book your place on this course Insha'Allah.

Ramadhan 2012
The month of Ramadhan is fast approaching.  To begin preparation for the blessed month of Ramadhan Gulshan-e-Baghdad Masjid is holding a'Ramadhan Preparation Programme'beginning on Friday the 29th of June at 8pm Inshallah. Classes will be held at the Westbourne Road Masjid.
The Ramadhan programme is delivered by Imam Hafiz Abdul Quadeer.  Course handouts will be provided.

Gulshan-e-Baghdad Mosque is proud to hostExhibition Islamat the Bedford Corn Exchange, providing the public an opportunity to view the beauty of Islam through the light of scientific and technological discoveries made by Muslim Scholars, Inventors & scientists.
As a follow up to the Exhibition Islam event we are opening the doors of our Mosque and hosting a'Mosque Open Day', enabling you to see inside the Mosque and understand the daily Religious and social affairs of a Muslim; furthermore it's a perfect opportnity to ask any questions you may have...we look forward to welcoming you.
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